Mamma Mia[Italian], an expression denoting various kinds of emotions: surprise, fear, rejection, joy…True to the expression, the stories of Mamma and Mia have all the gamut of emotions from exasperation to exhilaration. Read on as Mamma and Mia discover each-other and the world anew through their adventures (and at times, misadventures!).

About Mamma: Hi! I am Gauri. Although I am a Finance professional, words excite me more than numbers. I am a morning person, and love to spend the peaceful, silent wee hours cooking or writing. A well-written story gives me as much thrill as a dish approved by my picky husband and daughter. If not catching up with my parents, favourite cousins/ in-laws or close friends, I prefer to curl up with a book to unwind.

About Mia: Mia of these stories is Kalyani in the real world. Her name in Sanskrit means blessed and auspicious, and she has indeed been a blessing in our lives. She is a feisty kid with a mind of her own, so every milestone with her (sleep routine, new foods, toilet training) has been just that…a milestone! She can be as mischievous as a cartload of monkeys, but her affectionate disposition and innocent chatter often compensate her naughtiness.

I can’t remember how mundane our life was before she came along, and now, I can’t imagine our world without her.